A new Hornetdrive version is now available

Hornetdrive’s new look –
Version 4 is here!

New design, intuitive operation and even better performance.

Business is enterprise is business

Users of a business licence have two reasons to celebrate: The new Hornetdrive version not only offers them a new user-friendly design, but also more functions. The update now provides the business version with the complete range of functions from the enterprise version. Data distribution via a URL, local file deletion and the integration of network drives are features that customers with a business licence can now look forward to using – at no extra charge.

We have fundamentally revamped the operation and design.

The same look on all devices

The Hornetdrive client now looks the same on all devices: whether on the desktop computer, the tablet or the smartphone.

Current changes are displayed

The “Drive icon” keeps you up to date on changes in the network.

Integration into Windows Explorer

Drives can be easily created using Windows Explorer.

Have your data locally or just in the cloud

It has never been easier to manage the local availability and synchronization of your files. It’s done with one click.

The same look on all devices

Hornetdrive is not only extremely secure, but also very intuitive now, because Hornetdrive now looks the same everywhere! Whether you use the client on your desktop computer, in Windows or iOS, on your Android or your Apple smartphone: the design stays the same. This facilitates operation enormously, as you no longer have to constantly readjust.

Working with the new Hornetdrive version
A new feature of the new Hornetdrive version

Integration into Windows Explorer

Hornetdrive is now part of Windows. Right click – create the drive – done! You can create drives directly using the context menu in the Windows file system. By right-clicking on an existing directory, it can be converted into a drive. What’s more: You can use the context menu to display information and activities on drives.


Current changes are displayed

The new Hornetdrive version is characterised by one intelligent new feature in particular. The “Drive icon” constantly keeps users informed of changes in the network. If, for example, another Hornetdrive user updates a text document, you will immediately be notified of the change. The Drive icon will turn green in this case. If no changes are available, the icon is displayed in white.

The new icon in Hornetdrive version 4
Uploading files with new Hornetdrive version

Have your data locally or just in the cloud

Switch the online availability of your files on or off. It has never been easier to manage the automatic synchronization of your files. With just one click you decide whether a file, a folder or a whole drive shall be downloaded onto your system and synchronized regularly and automatically. If the offline availability is switched off, the local files will be deleted and stored solely in the cloud. After activating the offline availability, your data will be saved on your device and synchronized automatically.

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Mac OS X

version 10.10 and above (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks)

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